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The Model Police Station is a symbol of protection and honor for a man, where services revolve around the people. The officers of Model Police Station are responsible to protect the life, property and liberty of people with the aim “Live to Serve

The Punjab Government took comprehensive steps to change “Thana Culture”, uphold the principles of rule of law & natural justice, put maximum effort to set up a crime free society by promoting the concept of community policing to develop mutual confidence among the people and police force and tried to weed out impurities from “Thana Culture”.

Establishment of Model Police Station will improve the performance of Punjab Police which would helpful to become symbol of help and protection of the oppressed and the outlaws could be taken to task.

In the year 2012, the Punjab Government took an initiative to declare 01 Police Station of the Rajanpur as Model Police Stations (MPS). The building of Model Police Station has been designed especially in which substantial arrangements have been made for the process of investigations through modern gadgetry and computer technology. Police officials having professional abilities have been posted in these police stations so that mutual confidence among the people and police could be promoted by changing traditional thana culture.


Model Police Station City Rajanpur

Model Police Station City Rajanpur is an urban Police Station. According to the 2004 census, the population of the City is 100,000. The population consists of different castes like Mahtam, Machi, Bohar, Sontra, Syed, Sohrani, Rajpoot, Quraishi & Arrain, etc. Area of the said PS is 43000 Square Acres. The MPS is situated on the western bank of River Indus. The major crime of the MPS is Theft, House & Shop Robbery, Vehicle Snatching & Hurt.


Facility for entertainment has been provided for the officials in model police station. The recreation room has been provided with furniture, color T.V set/DVD. Feature film on the positive role of police is also displayed on multimedia projector on Saturday night.

Concise information about Model Police Stations is given below:


  • To move from a rural model to an urban & futuristic police model

  • Identification of major issues

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Improvement in the attitude of Police

  • To make the police responsive to people


  • Courteous behavior

  • Call back system

  • Electronic receipt and e-tagging

  • In case of manual system a card can be issued

  • The IO must issue the complainant a receipt

  • Progress of investigation to be recorded on the card

  • Arrest to be notified to the family


  • Merit based recruitments

  • Role specific Qualitative training

  • Community participation

  • Crash program for SHOs in public dealing

  • Performance based promotion


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