Service Units

Vigilance Cell  

A vigilance team is established for checking/examining the police work and duties.

Elite Force

Rajanpur Police is equipped with the Elite Force that is trained to combat all sorts of crime situations.Elite police is the highly trained special force that assists district police in situations that need expertise with high-risk searches, raids and rescue operations. The officers in the Elite police are trained to a high degree of skill in use of firearms, personal combat, and reconnaissance missions. They are trained at a modern facility, the Elite Training School on Baidian Road Lahore. The Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Elite Police heads the force.

Anti Car Lifting Team

District Rajanpur has taken an appreciable initiative to establish Anti - Car lifting team to overcome the theft of vehicles. Anti Car Lifting team is responsible to combat crimes related to vehicle threats.

Police Qaumi Razakar

The Police Qaumi Razakars help the police in all Police Stations and Headquarter.Its duties include the maintenance of law and order, by helping the police maintaining public security and natural calamities.